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Proudly designed and manufactured in the UK

Compare Sympliciti Systems call points to any other and the quality will become immediately apparent. Sympliciti call points are housed in unique, elegant enclosures made in the UK and built to withstand the care environment.

We realise that the Sympliciti call points may well be subjected to food and drink spillages as well as other contaminants. Therefore, rather than using traditional buttons that become damaged and stuck, we use a wipe clean label with a anti-bacterial coating. The label has a luminescent coating making it easily visible in poor or no light. If anything is spilled onto the call point it can simply be cleaned off with a damp cloth and if the label is damaged it can be replaced, leaving the call point looking as good as new.

Each call point (other than ceiling pull cords) has four clearly marked buttons that provide: Call, Emergency, Attendance/Assistance, and Reset. Each of these is colour coded for easy identification. The nurse call points are powered by AA alkaline batteries (supplied) which under normal conditions provide 2-3 years usage. The call points are supplied with either a pull cord or pear push lead. The pear push version is fitted with two sockets for pear push leads and/or auxiliary devices such as pressure mats and bed monitors. each bedroom call point has a built-in timer unit allowing bed and chair pads to be added without the need of additional equipment.

There are also a number of programmable features which include staff attendance and emergency step up.

Call Points

 Pear Push Lead

Leads can be made in various sizes to suit your requirements. We can also supply pear push leads for other systems.

Each and every call point can have a Pear push lead with every bedroom unit and it's features include a luminescent label for easy identification and a  clip that allows the lead to be attached to bed linen or clothing.

The push unit is sealed and is attached to the call point via a extendable lead like you have on a telephone and has an easy touch button ideal for users with limited movement or strength.

Bathroom Wireless Ceiling Pull Cord

The wireless ceiling mounted pull cord is typically located in ensuites / bathrooms and public toilets. Features include anti-microbial wipe clean cord which is customer replaceable and dual floor-level and seat-level activation rings

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